Modern eDiscovery Solution

A complete solution for legal teams to respond to large document requests including subpoenas and FOIA. Web-based services allowing your team to collect your documents into a single source. Then organize, search, tag and review documents to determine relevance. During the review process, Redact sensitive data and keep confidential information private. When your team is ready to respond, easily produce Bates-numbered PDF documents.

Securely Collect Documents

eDiscovery unify documents multiple formats

Organize, Tag and Full-text Search

eDiscovery unify documents multiple formats

Review Documents & Collaborate

eDiscovery unify documents multiple formats

Produce Docs with Bates Numbers

eDiscovery unify documents multiple formats

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Features for 3x faster Discovery and Response

eDiscovery unify documents multiple formats

Multiple Document Formats

Upload and unify documents from multiple of sources including email.

Customized Bates number for eDiscovery legal responses

Customize Bates Numbering

Options to customize bates numbering of relevant documents.

Streamlined collaboration of eDiscovery for legal teams enterprise

Streamline Collaboration

Enables you and your team members to work together to produce timely and accurate responses.

Automatic detects duplicate documents removal

Detect Duplicate Documents

Automatically identifies duplicate documents saving time and resources.

Protects against viruses and errors in upload for eDiscovery

Protect Against Viruses

Straight-forward security automatically eliminates viruses from uploaded documents.

Organize and tag all documents, emails and evidence

Organize and Tag all Documents

Management of case documents with streamlined collaboration with team members.

Bates-numbered PDF documents for subpoena response and document requests

Produce Bates-numbered PDFs

Once relevant documents determined, respond to document request by producing Bates-numbered PDFs.

Increase accuracy and reduce legal risk with document management

Increase Accuracy

Streamlined management of documents reduces human errors.

One copy of all documents as system of truth

Centralize your Documents

One copy of all the documents relating to a project makes collaborating easier.

Enterprise solution for legal teams of all sizes

For Legal Teams of All Sizes

Flexibity designed to support teams and cases from small to big.

Flexible workflows for legal firms and automated business processes

Flexibility Workflows

Designed to embrace the unique approach each legal team operates.

Securely share documents for review with team and third-parties

Securely Share Documents

Securely with any entity including internal team members and external third-parties.

Uploaded documents indexed OCR for powerful full-text search

Powerful Search

All uploaded case documents are indexed to provide powerful search capabilities of all documents.

Enterprise privacy and and government-level security

Enterprise Privacy & Security

Compliant with all privacy and security requirements from beginning to end.

Data retention policies and legal document archival

Data Retention

Provide data retention allowing documents to be archived for future use at a lower cost.

Cloud-based scalable solution with low cost of ownership

Scale with Growth

Architected to provide solution with lower cost of ownership with no upfront costs.

Increase your legal teams' processing capacity for digitizing and reviewing documents by 3x.

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