Legalverse is the next generation of electronic document management for legal teams. Starting with the Native corporations in Alaska (ALNC) and their vast differences in perspectives and needs, we realized the opportunity to provide a solution to them and their legal teams to more efficiently conduct the document discovery and document management processes.

Legalverse provides Software as a Service (SaaS) for enterprises to manage all of the complexities with documents for current lawsuits and prepare for any future litigation. Utilizing cloudscale technology, we can adjust our capacity for the needs of our clients instantly. This allows us to offer these powerful tools to law firms of all sizes.

We are Legalverse. We are building a platform for the modern law team.

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Over the last year and a half, the founders have developed document management solutions catered to the unique legal needs of Alaska Native Corporations. Realizing the opportunity that there are other ANC’s that have legal teams with this same need, as well as law firms small to large, Legalverse leverages their experiencing building eDiscovery solutions into a scalable business.

  1. Two years ago, built solution for legal team of a large Alaska Native Corporation to manage documents to respond to subpoena.
  2. Solution increased document processing capacity by three times - saving them over $50,000 and innumerable amounts of time.
  3. In the following months, created similar solutions for the legal teams of two other ANC's to respond to subpoenas.
  4. During spring of 2018, began building solution into Software as a Service business in order to help more legal teams at scale - lowering the barrier for the legal teams to implement and use state-of-the-art technology.
  5. In December 2018, launched web-based service.